WordPress Development

Need some work done on your website? Whether it's a styling change, a new plugin or help with an error: we offer WordPress development, even without a monthly plan.

Need some work done on your website?

Here are some examples we can help with
(CSS) Styling Change

A font and/or styling change to your current website theme.

Page/widget setup

Setting up a new widget or page template.

Plugin setup

Setting up a new plugin for SEO, caching, security or necessary for your theme.

Analytics/script setup

Setting up a Google analytics, a Facebook pixel or banner script. 


Setting up a page or website re-direct.

Cookie banner install

Installing a cookie banner to comply with GDPR privacy legislation*


Solving an issue with your website or plugin.

SSL/hosting setup

Help with making changes on a hosting level***

Need a contact form or cookie banner? We got you fam!

Do you need a contact form or opt-in to reach your customers? Or a cookie banner* because you have EU-based visitors? That stuff can get technical… but we can help! Leave the installation to us, even without a hosting/maintenance package.

Let’s update your website

one-time fee. no commitment.

Small job

Example: a font or css/styling change, setting up a widget, installing a plugin.


Medium job

Example: solving a plugin error, creating a page template, setting up a contact form, installing Google Analytics, installing Facebook scripts, installing a cookie banner*, installing banner scripts, setting up redirects.


Custom job

Do you have a special request? Please reach out to discuss your situation.


*We can help set up a cookie banner of your choice, but cannot buy a third-party subscription for you or take any responsibility in terms of GDPR compliance or help with drafting legal terms, since this is depending on your local privacy-law and can differ per country. 

**If you are not hosting with us, we will need access to your hosting account in order to install WordPress on your behalf or troubleshoot any issues. We will reach out to you to securely send these credentials over. Please be advised to never send your credentials via e-mail, chat or contact form to us as this poses a security risk for your hosting account.

***If you are not hosting with us, we are depending on the level of service your hosting provider is able to offer. For example: if you hosting provider does not meet certain requirements, we are bound to the limits of hosting service you purchased with the provider.

Support jobs expire at the end of each month and cannot be saved up.

Not considered support jobs are:

  • Uploading content to your website
  • Setup of e-mail marketing flows
  • Setup of e-commerce flows
  • Adding products to your webshop
  • Custom theme adjustments
  • Migrating your current website or domain
  • Improving e-mail deliverability/scoring (too many external factors involved)
  • Buying a domain name on your behalf
  • Buying a theme on your behalf
  • Setting up hosting with another vendor on your behalf
  • Resolving security issues with a website we don’t manage

If you need assistance with any of these, you can always contact us for a quote.

Not quite what you’re looking for?

Other services

Managed WordPress

Looking for automatic WordPress, plugin updates & support? Check out our other plans.

Starting at €24/month

Wordpress Security & Backup

Already have WordPress figured out, but need some help keeping it safe? Our security & backup plan is all you need. You get daily backups, monitoring, malware scanning and security.


Wordpress Installation

Already have hosting? We can install WordPress to get you started, for a one time fee.


*Premium and E-Commerce plans already include development

Need more help?

You have more than one website? Or your website needs more support? We can find a plan that fits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Which payment options do you offer?

For monthly plans and one-time service bought directly through our website we offer payment by credit card only. If you prefer another method of payment, please reach out by filling our contact form to see if we can support an alternative payment method available in your country.

Do you offer support for WordPress.com websites?

When you get your website & hosting from WordPress.com, you are limited to the features the WordPress plan gives you. We cannot install any tooling that we use to monitor & update your website because WordPress doesn’t allow us. If you like to update to a self-hosted WordPress site, please contact us for a quote.

Which security measures do you have to keep my website safe?

When you sign up for Managed WordPress, you get exellent security. Your website is secured with a firewall, access attemps are monitored, your website is regularly scanned for malware and is backed up every night! On top of this, we also implemented several best-practises to prevent your website being hacked.

For accessing your website, we always use double verification and we recommend you to do the same. You will find a guide how to setup 2FA for your user account in the WordPress dashboard of your site.

What if I don't use my monthly dev jobs? Can I use them towards the next month?

Because we are a small business, unfortunately we cannot have development jobs roll over to the next month as they might accumulate to the point where we cannot guarantee the level of support we need to provide for all our clients. If you have a question, you can always reach out to us by chat and we will try our best to help you as soon as possible.

Do you offer discounts?

Have a special request or multiple websites you need us to take care of? Please reach out and we can discuss a custom offer that suits your situation.

Do you have a question or need help picking the right plan? We are here to help.

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