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Managed WordPress that fits your blog or business

Our hosting & maintenance plans will give you piece of mind. Get additional development support if you want us to cover your websites changes too.

The benefits of managed WordPress

Your personal webmaster is here
Uptime Monitoring

We get notified if your website goes down and will make sure it’s back up as soon as possible.

Security & Firewall

Real-time scanning that stop hackers & malware from attack your website.

Automatic Updates

Your site is automatically & regularly updated and backed-up in the progress.


See your real time website status, traffic, bandwidth and email activity without extra add-ons.

Support is standard

Reach out for support by e-mail or chat, depending on your choice of plan.

Free SSL-Certificate

Your website is automatically upgraded to https.

10 free e-mail accounts

Each of our plans comes free with max 10 of @yourdomain emails.

Monthly contract

Our monthly plans make it easy to change your mind or upgrade when your business needs change.

Automatic WordPress & Plugin Updates

Updating WordPress takes time. Time you would rather spend on your business. Outdated plugins also pose a security risk. With Managed WordPress this will be a thing of the past. It now happens automatically. And every time an update is run, so is a backup.

Make Security A Priority

When you install WordPress website on your own, you are leaving the door open for hackers & security vulnerabilities. That’s why we ‘harden’ your WordPress website to prevent security issues and keep your data safe. And we provide you with extra security features so that you alone can login.

Tools for Growing Your Business

Improve your site’s performance & SEO. Increase subscribers with e-mail forms and pop-ups. We give you the tools to take your business to the next level.


of WordPress websites are vulnerable to hackers

Every year hundreds of thousands of WordPress installations are hacked. With regular updates, a firewall, security scan and strong password policies this can be avoided. Keeping your website safe.

Ready To Pick Your Plan?

Plans will be billed monthly. Upgrade at any time.
Best for small websites


€12/month for the first year
with code: GETSTARTED

Hosting included*
WordPress & plugin updates
Daily backups
Malware removal
Chat Support
Includes free WP installation!

Best for high traffic websites



Includes hosting*
WordPress & plugin updates
Daily backups
Security scanning
Malware removal
Includes free WP installation
Chat Support
€50 of dev jobs included/month**
Includes Premium Plugins***
Free theme installation****

Best for webshops



Includes hosting*
WordPress & plugin updates
Daily backups
Security scanning
Malware removal
Includes free WP installation
Includes Premium Plugins***
Free theme installation****
Chat Support
€100 of dev jobs included/month**
Includes Woocommerce installation*****

*Does not include a domain name.
**Support jobs cannot be rolled over to the next month.
***Premium plugins include: Smush Pro, Hummingbird Pro, Hustle Pro, Forminator Pro, SmartCrawl Pro
****We can only install a theme for you if you have already bought a license. We cannot facilitate in buying a license for you.
*****We do an initial setup for Woocommerce, you have so set up your products & payments.

Hosting specifications

Standard hosting setup for each plan. Contact us if you need more storage or traffic.

Start - Hosting Specs

1 (virtual) CPU
25GB SSD Storage
1 GB Dedicated RAM
1 TB Bandwidth
20k Estimated Monthly Visits
10 International Data Centers

Premium - Hosting Specs

2 (virtual) CPU
25GB SSD Storage
2 GB Dedicated RAM
2.5 TB Bandwidth
50k Estimated Monthly Visits
10 International Data Centers

E-Commerce - Hosting Specs

4 (virtual) CPU
60GB SSD Storage
8 GB Dedicated RAM
10 TB Bandwidth
100k Estimated Monthly Visits
10 International Data Centers

We offer hosting on a server near your audience for optimal website loading time.
Choose between the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India or Singapore.

All plans include:

  • A Free Staging Site: try out website changes before you push them live
  • SFTP / SSH: Upload files and images in bulk
  • Free SSL Certificate: Automatically added via Let’s Encrypt.
  • Dedicated IP: For security, SEO, and reliability – nothing here is shared.
  • Nighly Backups: Automate incremental backups with nearly instant restores.
  • Object Cache: Improves performance and lets you handle traffic with ease.
  • Web Application Firewall: Stop malicious traffic before it ever reaches your site with our hosted WAF.
  • Static Server Cache (FastCGI): Activate to handle an average of 10 times more parallel site visitors.
  • Uptime Guarantee: 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Analytics: See your sites’ live stats, visits, storage, bandwidth, and email activity in one easy place.
  • Multisite Support: All plans support Multisite setup
  • Free Email Accounts: 10 free @yourdomain email accounts

Not quite what you’re looking for?

Other services

Wordpress Security & Backup

Already have WordPress figured out, but need some help keeping it safe? Our security & backup plan is all you need.


Wordpress Installation

Already have hosting? We can install WordPress to get you started, for a one time fee.


Wordpress Development

Updates for your website, but without the monthly plan*


*Premium and E-Commerce plans already include development

Need more help?

You have more than one website? Or your website needs more support? We can find a plan that fits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer hosting separately?

We currently offer hosting & maintenance as one complete package. Thruth is: hosting these days is so easy to find, that it’s nearly impossible for us to be competitive for hosting alone.

What if I already have hosting?

Some maintenance & development require changes on a hosting level. Therefore we prefer to manage your hosting as well. It just makes things easier. If you really want to keep your current webhost or want to move your website to us, please reach out to discuss.

Do these plans include a domain name?

Our Managed WordPress plans do not include a domain name. If you need help, please reach out and we can recommend some great places to buy one.

Which payment options do you offer?

For monthly plans and one-time service bought directly through our website we offer payment by credit card only. If you prefer another method of payment, please reach out by filling our contact form to see if we can support an alternative payment method available in your country.

Do you offer support for websites?

When you get your website & hosting from, you are limited to the features the WordPress plan gives you. We cannot install any tooling that we use to monitor & update your website because WordPress doesn’t allow us. If you like to update to a self-hosted WordPress site, please contact us for a quote.

How do I get support?

If you have as monthy plan with us, you can get support by logging in to our portal where you will find the option to start a support chat. If you do not have a monthly plan, or would like to start one: please fill our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

Which security measures do you have to keep my website safe?

When you sign up for Managed WordPress, you get exellent security. Your website is secured with a firewall, access attemps are monitored, your website is regularly scanned for malware and is backed up every night! On top of this, we also implemented several best-practises to prevent your website being hacked.

For accessing your website, we always use double verification and we recommend you to do the same. You will find a guide how to setup 2FA for your user account in the WordPress dashboard of your site.

What if I don't use my monthly dev jobs? Can I use them towards the next month?

Because we are a small business, unfortunately we cannot have development jobs roll over to the next month as they might accumulate to the point where we cannot guarantee the level of support we need to provide for all our clients. If you have a question, you can always reach out to us by chat and we will try our best to help you as soon as possible.

What can I do with the premium plugins?

Have a look at this article to see how the premium plugins can help your blog or business grow.

Do you offer discounts?

Have a special request or multiple websites you need us to take care of? Please reach out and we can discuss a custom offer that suits your situation.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel from your account in our client portal or by reaching out to us by mail, chat or filling our contact form.

Do you have a question or need help picking the right plan? We are here to help.

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